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GASolver Reference

Detailed Information from the Help system accompanying GASolver

Model creation

Performance points

Macro security
Running GASolver
Quick start
Route map
Excel version variations
Open parameters
Setting options
Solution options
Save parameters
Input cell value range
Using constraints
Adding constraints
Changing constraints
Deleting constraints
Installation files
Uninstall GASolver from Excel
Uninstall GASolver from your system

Buttons and commands

Version history

How to create your spreadsheet model
Methods of improving solution speed
Note regarding Excel macro operation
How to run the solver
Brief guide for the experienced user
The life cycle of a project
Note regarding older Excel versions
Loading previously saved settings from a file
Setting program options
Setting solution seeking options
Saving settings to a file
Controlling auto generated input values
Filtering model output values
Adding new filters
Changing filters
Deleting filters
List of files used by GASolver installation
How to remove the program from Excel
How to remove the program from your system
What the buttons do
Record of changes


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