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Macro Security

Security notice: If your version of Excel shows a message similar to this:

when you are trying to load GASolver, then you will need to change the Excel macro security settings.

Newer versions of Excel have features to combat the spread of viral software. Viral software can include some maliciously written macros and add-in programs. Each version of GASolver is virus checked to the latest standards before it is released and you should of course use you own virus checking system before you install or run any program, including GASolver, for your own protection. Newer versions of Excel disable macros by default and before you can run GASolver you may have to alter the security settings of Excel to allow you, instead of Excel, to make the choice of whether to run GASolver. There is a single macro within GASolver that runs the main program module from the Excel/GASolver toolbar button. If you do not enable this macro then you will not be able to run GASolver. To enable you to run macros you may need to change the security setting within Excel.

To change the security settings for Excel macros:

  1. Load the work sheet into Excel that you want to use with GASolver, or create a new sheet.

  2. Select Tools and then Macro then Security from the main Excel menu bar.

  3. Click the Security Level tab.

  4. Select the Medium option.

This will force Excel to ask you before it opens any macro containing worksheet or add-in including GASolver.

  1. Click OK until you are returned to your sheet.

  2. From your desktop, click Start | Programs | Yearstretch GASolver | GASolver. You should now see a dialog similar to this:

  1. To run GASolver you must click Enable Macros.

  2. Excel will load GASolver and create the GASolver toolbar button used to run the solver.

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