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About Yearstretch

Home of the genetic algorithm add-in for MS-Excel.

Yearstretch Limited was formed in 1986 to create software for financial markets. Since then we have become specialists in advanced mathematical modelling methods including neural networks, expert systems, genetic optimisation techniques and their hybrids. At the same time we have also broadened our client base to incorporate areas as diverse as Formula One racing and commodity future trading.

As well as developing bespoke modelling and optimisation systems for clients we also offer a packaged genetic algorithm solver called GASolver that works in tandem with Microsoft Excel.

From this site you may acquire a full and free sample of GASolver.


Pre-Packaged Solver

Yearstretch also create specific genetic algorithm powered solutions wrapped in an end user program that can be distributed to your own clients or to staff within your own organisation. For more details see the Pre-Packaged Solution Finder


Any questions or comments about this site or page should be addressed to gasolver@yearstretch.com

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