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GASolver Reference

Route Map

Route Map

This page illustrates an entire lifecycle of GASolver usage.

Install GASolver into MS-Windows

Run GASolver

    Load existing parameters

If you have already defined a model within GASolver and saved it as a file then you can reload the same model for additional work.

Define your model in Excel

You will need to create a group of cells containing values that GASolver can alter and a formula leading the values in those cells to some result placed in a single target cell, i.e. create a model such that:

Input Value Cells > Model Formula > Output, or Target, Cell

The Input value cells must all be placed in a single column without spaces, i.e. contiguous.

Tell GASolver about your model.

You must tell GASolver which cells are which in your model, input and output and what goal you are seeking for your target cell. See Input Cell Value Range and Using Constraints for a full explanation.

For Input cell values you may optionally:

set numeric ranges manually or have GASolver estimate them for you.

For Output cell values you may optionally:

manually set various constraints governing the allowed values within the target cell itself or indeed any other cell affected by the model.

   Setup general parameters for solutions.

    Save your parameters

Once you have setup your model and solution parameters you should save them for later use.

    Start GASolver searching for a solution. This is where you set start and finish parameters for the search.

If you wish to be certain that you have cleaned your system before installing a new version of GASolver then you should follow the steps below.

Remove GASolver from Excel

Remove GASolver from your system

 See also Quick Start, Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3


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