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Quick Start

Quick Start

The swiftest of route map lessons...

  1. Ensure that GASolver is installed into MS-Windows.

  2. Create a worksheet model that places a numeric result into a single target, or output, cell.

  3. Arrange all the changeable, or input cells, for the model into a single contiguous column.

  4. Run GASolver.

  5. Set the target cell reference.

  6. Set the target type to Equal + a value or Maximum, Minimum.

  7. Set the input cells range reference.

  8. Set any required input cell conditions.

  9. Add any required output cell constraints.

  10. Click on to store all your settings to a disk file for later use.

  11. Click on to start searching for a solution and set the solution search conditions.

  12. Click to start solving.

Click Pause if you wish to stop execution before GASolver has completed its search.

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